Realizing God


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In my inbox yesterday morning was a note from our Rabbi, Sharon Kleinbaum, that included this sentence:

Martin Buber taught, “God does not want to be believed in, nor be debated and defended by us, but simply to be realized through us.”

I’d never heard of Martin Buber before, and I don’t know what led him to that statement; but it made a huge impact on me. I haven’t been able to shake the thought since I read it.

Burber’s words reminded of beautiful prayer – a perfect prayer, really – written by another Rabbi. Continue reading →



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This is my first contribution to a fantastic monthly synchroblog. The theme for August is “connection”. 

“It’s crazy to me” Lydia began. “This city’s so big, eight million people, and I keep running into my mother in the most random places.”

“Crazy.” her husband Jim agreed – dutifully adding an exclamation point to Lydia’s thought. 

Second only to plotting the best taxi route, telling big-city-small-world tales is a favorite pastime of New Yorkers. Our foursome was sharing such stories along with our tapas. 

In this particular genre, Lydia’s chance encounters were not so remarkable. She is her mother’s daughter. They eat at the same restaurants. They shop at the same stores. Running into each other seemed entirely unsurprising.

My husband the truth-teller was about to point this out. “Well…you know…” he started.

I jumped in before he had a chance to burst Lydia’s bubble. “I know exactly what you mean.” With that, I had just declared my turn to tell a story.  Continue reading →

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