Sharing Some Awesomeness: Spring/Easter Edition


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Steve Martin & Edie Brickell WFUV Show

 This winter has been interminable – both in the air and in my spiritual life.

My hope for the coming holy week is to follow the emotional journey of the original Christ-followers – the anguish and the joy – and come through Easter with a renewed spirit and maybe even a new perspective.

When I first heard the album Love Has Come For You*, I became obsessed. It is a collaboration between the 80′s pop-ingenue Edie Brickell and comic-genius-turned-bluegrass-star Steve Martin**. This deceptively sophisticated gem, “Sun’s Gonna Shine”,  is one of my favorites from that effort.

It’s time to shake off the darkness, y’all.

* Love Has Come For You seems like an especially appropriate sentiment to me right now.
**Matt, please tell me you know who Steve Martin is.

The Work A Mason Does


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Entrance to the Garden of Gethsemane

I was at the gym this morning.  Claude slapped me gently on the abdomen and said “Hey. You OK, man?”

He had good reason.  I had unracked the weight and was standing like a statue, staring into space, with 275 pounds balanced on the bar across my back.

“Yeah” I replied.  I took a deep breath and began my set of squats.

I was multitasking. I often meditate when I work out. I guess that means I’m a citizen of our modern society.

In the moments before Claude intervened, I was struck with a thought: What I’ve been building recently isn’t as durable as I’d like it to be. Continue reading →

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